Confirmation Requirements

Confirmation Checklist

______  All Confirmation students need to attend Holy Mass Weekly  at St. Agnes / St. Felix Church

______  Sacramental Registration Form, Baptismal Certificate( if not Baptized at St. Felix/ St. Agnes parishes) and  Name of Sponsor due January 13

______  Saint report and Confirmation Name is due February 24th   (see attached sheet for how to write report)   

______  Letter to Bishop Quinn, due April 1    

______  Confirmation retreat, Saturday April 17th 10AM- Finishing with Mass

______  Rite of Confirmation Wednesday, May 5th , 2021   St. Felix Church


Information to help complete your checklist

Choosing a Sponsor

* The sponsor that you prayerfully choose should be a mature person of faith, 16 years of age or older, and who are highly convinced that their faith makes a difference in their lives.

* Someone who has received the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist, and receives Holy Communion regularly. As well, if they are living with someone or are married, they must be married in the Church.

* The sponsor should participate with the candidate in his/her preparation, as well as the celebration.

* The primary roles of the sponsor are to assist the candidate in preparing for Confirmation and to help the confirmed person to live out their Christian life faithfully.

* The sponsor cannot be a parent.

* The sponsor should pray for the candidate regularly.


Confirmation Name & Report    

Your name for Confirmation must be that of a patron saint which you choose—a saint you can emulate and pray to for assistance throughout your whole life.

Your report should have two parts:

Part 1:  Biographical information about the saint. 

  • When is their feast day? In what country did they live.
  • What century did they live? What are they a patron of? 
  • For what are they known?
  • How did they grow in holiness?

Part II:  Reflections on why you chose this saint

  • How does this saint inspire you?
  • How can you imitate this saint in your daily life?


Confirmation Letter to Bishop Quinn

This requirement for Confirmation involves writing a letter addressed to Bishop Quinn.  This letter will state your desire to be Confirmed.

Greeting: Your Excellency,

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself.  Tell something about your family and your background. 

Paragraph 2: Request the sacrament.  Give reasons why you would like to be Confirmed. 

Paragraph 3: Explain how you have prepared for the Sacrament. It is important that you write about very specific parts of your preparation: your prayer life, your celebration of the other Sacraments, your service to others exercised at home, in the community and in the parish.

Paragraph 4: Tell how you will continue to carry about your life of service to God and others through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Feel free to add whatever you may wish the bishop to know.

Conclusion: Conclude the letter with “Sincerely,” and sign your complete signature and print your name below your signature.

Please make sure to check your spelling and grammar.

Format Recommendations:

  • 1 full page long
  • 5 spacing
  • 1 inch margins
  • Times New Roman Font
  • 12 point Font