National Catholic Society of Foresters is a fraternal insurance, member-based organization that partners with Catholic families.

Meetings and social functions are held monthly.  For further information contact:

Betty Fischer, President:  565-4414

Jan Kuklinski, Vice-President:  565-2884

Nancy Vaplon, Secretary:  565-4476

Darlene Wolfe, Treasurer:  565-4090



Encourage flexibility, willingness to change, fairness and compassion
Foster support and provide resources for charitable and fraternal activities, and community, school and church outreach
Listen and communicate openly, while respecting others’ ideas and encouraging initiative
Maintain the highest standard of quality and accuracy
Offer opportunities for personal and professional growth and honor achievements
Recognize our interdependency and the need to work in partnership to secure the Order’s success
Respond to changing needs by developing new products and fraternal benefits that ensure the Order’s growth
Respect life and uphold Christian values and ethics