Serra Club

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Serra International

Serra Club of Wabasha County, MN

Our Mission ...

... is to foster and affirm vocations to the priesthood and vowed religious life.


Our Name …  Saint Junipero Serra

A Franciscan missionary Saint Junipero Serra is well known as the 18th century founder of a string of California missions. Like Saint Serra, the Serrans of today put faith into action. Whether through meetings, vocational programs, or personal involvement in school, parish and diocesan activities, Serrans accept the challenge of fostering vocations and encouraging spiritual growth.



Serra International was founded in 1935 by a group who wanted to serve the Church and promote vocations to the priesthood by recruiting vocations and by supporting those religious in their active careers.  From that modest beginning this mission has spread to 46 countries throughout the world. Locally our Serra Club serves the Minnesota  parishes of St. Felix, Wabasha, St. Agnes, Kellogg, St. Marys of the Lake, Lake City, St.Patricks, West Albany, St. Joachim, Plainview, and Immaculate Conception, Conception. We meet monthly to plan activities to support vocations and also enrich the spiritual lives of members through fellowship and speakers. Our goal is to bring souls to the service of God in religious life, to support our priests and religious and to strengthen our Catholic faith. Contact the following officers for more information:

President, Communications:  Mary Lu Harney  (651) 564-1085

President-Elect:  Pat Kolb

Vice President, Vocations:  Sandra Allaire

Vice President, Membership:  John Hampe  (651) 565-2350

Vice President, Communications:  Rachel Raths

Newsletter Editor: Mary Lu Harney

Secretary:  Dan Schaefer

Treasurer:  Linda Schaefer

Trustees:  Bill Allaire, Dan Schaefer, Dorothy Arendt

Chaplain:  Deacon David Dose