Our Volunteers for the 2018 school year will be as follows.  These are tentative as much planning has still to be done.

Teaching/Office Helper:

K&1st Grade Catechist                  7th Grade Girl Catechist               Afternoon Program Office Helper

K&1st Grade Helper                       7th Grade Boy Catechist              Evening Program Office Helper

2nd Grade Catechist                      8th Grade Girl Catechist               Afternoon Substitute Catechist

2nd Grade Helper                           8th Grade Boy Catechist              Evening Substitute Catechist

8th Grade Boy Catechist                Open Gym Chaperone                  3rd&4th Grade Helper                    

9th Grade Girl Catechist                 5th Grade Catechist                      6th Grade Catechist              

5th&6th Grade Helper                    


Kitchen Help (Wednesday Nights, Baccalaureate, Confirmation, etc.)

Donate Snacks (Youth Nights, Baccalaureate, Confirmation, 1st Communion, etc.)